Now update your certification and flaunt your newly acquired Azure skills on your LinkedIn profile. Enter the raffles between 1 October 2020 till 25 December 2020 to win!

Here’s how!

To win Sennheiser PXC 550 2 headsets simply update your Microsoft Azure Skills on your LinkedIn profile and Click here to paste the link on the landing page.

To participate in the Microsoft Surface raffle , complete your certification from Microsoft’s Data, AI and Azure courses*, update the License and Certificate Section of your LinkedIn profile and paste the link here .

Last date for entries is 25 December 2020.

How to certify

Certification helps you get noticed and stay ahead, so choose a course that best suits your dream profile and advances your career.


Microsoft certified: Azure Data Fundamentals


Azure Data Engineer Beginner

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Microsoft certified: Azure Al Fundamentals


Azure AI Engineer Beginner

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Earn recognition and validate your technical knowledge with Microsoft Certifications today.

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